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Founder Chairman Jaigopal Garodia

  Welcome to Jaigopal Garodia Foundation  
  Establishment of Jaigopal Garodia Foundation  

Influenced by the thoughts of philosophers and understanding the social needs and duty towards his fellow human beings, Mr. Jaigopal Garodia - the philanthropist, patriot educationist, a man of visionary zeal and a social reformer with a firm belief of serving through charity. He firmly believes that the wealth of the rich is best spent on the poor and education is the only means by which a country could progress. Mr. Garodia who has not seen four walls of the school took it up as one of his major duties to educate the children and uplift the downtrodden. To ensure that the selfless service continues even after him, the "JAIGOPAL GARODIA FOUNDATION" came into existence during the year 1974.

The Foundation has carved a niche for itself by its various philanthropic, educational and social activities. Infinite number of educational institutions, academies and charitable centres have been functioning. 'Educate all to make India strong and glorious' is the motto of the Foundation. The Foundation has been in the forefront in contributing towards National Defence Fund, providing relief at the time of natural calamities, assisting war widows and so on. Orphanges and mercy are also rendered help whenever occasion arises


With a special interest in education and with a motto of taking education to the poor, Jaigopal Garodia has a phenomenal success in the field of education. He hopes to effect a positive change in our country through spreading literacy and providing quality education which focus on the individual growth of every child and shapes each of them into a better person and citizen of India.

To help more and more students, the Jaigopal Garodia Foundation went to the help of a few privately managed schools which also have now become the best schools with modern facilities and well equipped laboratories

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